From September 16th to 19th 2021, a transdisciplinary group of researchers engaged with earth-beings in the Upper Valais. The excursions were accompanied by spontaneous reflections and informal conversations on the modes of existence, distribution of the sensible, and political implications of earth-beings.

We have been visiting four sites: the Lonza mercury pollution area near Raron, the Rhone Glacier above Oberwald, the Grimsel rock laboratory beneath the Juchlistock (BE), and the remote Landschaftspark Binntal.

Wednesday 15th

- individual arrival and check-in (evening)

Thursday 16th

- excursion I:
Grimsel rock laboratory, guided tour with Heinz Sager
- welcome and common ground
- evening salon & tea time discussion

Friday 17th

- excursion II:
walking tour to Rhone glacier
- evening salon & tea time discussion

Saturday 18th

- excursion III:
Lonza Mercury pollution area, guided tour with Bernhard Aufdereggen
- excursion IV:
nature and culture in the Landschaftspark Binntal, guided tour with Francesco Walter
- evening salon & tea time discussion

Sunday 19th

- wrap-up and next steps
- individual departure

Main objectives

Sharpening the perception and categories of the researchers and questioning neoliberal ecologies. The focus is on embodied experiences and political, scientific and aesthetic reflections.

Initiation of a transdisciplinary network of local and international research activists, engaged with the modes of existence of earth-beings.

The 2021 field trip will serve as a prototype for possible research projects, socio-political activities, summer schools, workshops centered around these and other earth-beings.

Research methods and process

- reality lab: meetings with researchers/local activists/communities
- practices of artistic research, bodily experiences
- peer-to-peer: participants prepare and choose methods to contribute
- field research, site specific research
- transdisciplinary exchange
- walk and talk, interactions amongst participants


The documentation of the field trip (various media such as text, photography, film, audio) will form the basis for the transdisciplinary network, further sub-projects, and public awareness and mobilisation around earth-beings. ︎︎︎